by: Dan Byrd

((INTRO:)) [Am-Dm-F-E7-Am-]

[            Am              Dm]
I don't know why you said goodbye
[             F              E7]
Just let me know you didn't go
[         Am]
 forever my love

[              Am               Dm]
Please tell me why you made me cry
[            F                 E7]
I beg you please, I'm on my knees
[                   Am]
If that's what you want me to.

[ Am                      Dm]
 Never knew that it would go so far
[  G                          CM7]
 When you left me on that boulevard
[ Am7                    Dm]
 Come again you would release my pain
[        F          E7    Am]
 And we could be lovers again.

[             Am                Dm]
Just one more chance, another dance
[           F              E7]
And let me feel it isn't real
[               Am]
That I've been losing you

[             Am               Dm]
This sun will rise within your eyes
[            F              E7]
Come back to me and we will be
[        Am]
Happy together.

(Repeat CHORUS)

[       Am                 Dm]
Maybe today I'll make you stay
[          F                E7]
A little while just for a smile
[          Am]
In love together

[          Am             Dm]
For I will show a place I know
[       F               E7]
In Tokyo where we could be
[       Am]
Happy forever.

(Repeat CHORUS 2x)

((AD LIB:)) 
 (CHORUS chord pattern to fade)