Born Free

by: Matt Monro

((INTRO)): [C-F6-Em-Dm7/A-C]

[ C         F6              C]
Born free, as free as the wind blows
[F6              Em7]
As free as the grass grows,
[Dm7                      C   G7]
Born free to follow your heart.

[C          F6            C]
Live free and beauty surrounds you,
[F6                 Em7]
The world still astounds you
[Dm7                 G7]
Each time you look at a star.

[Dm        G             Am]
Stay free when no walls divide you
You're free as the roaring tide
[    Ab                 G-G7]
So there's no need to hide.

[C        F6                  C]
Born free and life is worth living
[F6              Em7 pause]
But only worth living
[        Dm7        C]
'Cause you're born free

((AD LIB:)) [(do intro) G-]

(Repeat REFRAIN &   last stanza except last line)

[         Dm7 pause    C-C#M7-C]
'Cause you're born free.