Believe in Love

by: The Jets

((INTRO:)) [G7(6) hold]
     [FM7-Em-Am (3x)]
     Woo wo.. hoo, yeah
     You've been waiting girl...
     I'll be there, I'll be there

[FM7                 Em         Am]
You told me that you'll be waiting
[      FM7]
  for me
[              Em      Am]
No matter how long it takes
[FM7           Em          Am]
I hope we'll keep to the promise
[      D7-G]
  we made, yeah
[FM7     Em        Am]
Being apart is not easy
[FM7            Em]
Especially when you're so far
[ Am]
[FM7                Em    Am]
And I'm longing for you, baby,
[         D7            G]
  night and day (Ooh, hooh)

[       F(M7)   F6   Em7]
Just believe in me, I'll be
[         Em7,Am]
  there tomorrow
[  F(M7)     F6  Am       G,Am]
Believe in love like I do
[          F(M7)    F6]
(And) I believe in you
[        Em                Am]
(And) I hope you're waiting for
[ F(M7)      F6   D7]
Believe in love like I do (like
[    G]
  I do)
[             Ad lib]
(Believe in love)

((AD LIB:)) [FM7-Em-Am (2x)]
          Wooh hoo

[Fm7      Em   Am  FM7]
Girl I'm asking you, as a lover
[          Em7  Am]
  and a friend
  (Lover and a friend)
[FM7              Em   Am     D7]
Don't give up on love so easily
[   G]
  so easily

((Repeat CHORUS))

[Ab(M7)                Gm7]
Nothing in this world can
[      Cm        Fm]
  separate our love (our love)
[     Eb]
  but you (but you)
[Ab(M7)              Gm7]
Even if temptation stands at
[       Cm                   (Fm)]
  your door (stands at your door)
[Fm                G]
Don't give in, believe in love

((AD LIB:)) (Do CHORUS chords)
[    AbM& --G--]
  Woh ho

((Repeat CHORUS))

[         Am]
  Like I do, like I do

[Do CHORUS chords]
I'll never give up on you (2x)
Baby ooh no no no
You're so good, oh no
Believe in me, ooh girl
Are you gonna wait (2x)
Are you gonna wait for me,
Believe in me... oh