by: Julian Lennon

((INTRO:)) [G G(aug) G6 G(aug)]
         (Ahh) Ahh

[      G       G(aug)]
It's right that I should care
[   G6]
  about you
Try to make you happy
[            D     D(aug)]
When you're blue...
[      G           G(aug)]
It's right, it's right
[    C             F]
To feel the way I do
[  G        Am   D       G]
Because, because I love you.

[Am7           D(7)]
It's wrong to say
[               G     Em(7)]
I don't think of you
[Am(7)            D]
'Cause when you say these
[    Am             Am7]
You know it (only) makes me
[   D(7) - D(aug)]

[G            G(aug)]
Give me one kiss and I'll be
[   G6   G(7)]
[            Am7]
Ooh...hmm.. just, just to be
[       D           D(aug)]
  with you... ohh. ohh

[     G             G(aug)]
Give me (Give me) give me,
  (give me)
[   C            F]
A chance to be near you
[  G       Am(7)  D   G]
Because, because I love you.

(Do 1st Stanza Chords)
  Da ra dan da ....
  Da ra dan da ....
  Ha ha ha hmm ....

(Repeat REFRAIN)
(Repeat Chorus, shift the key
  chord 1 fret higher)

[F(7) Bbm7           Eb(7)]
Because (because) because I
[   Ab]
  love you...
[              (Do intro chords)]
Da, ra, dan, de... (5x)