Anytime - The Jets

by: The Jets
((INTRO:)) [Bb--C--Bb-D--]

[G       D/F#       Em]
Anytime now you'll be my love
[  Am            Am/G]
I know suddenly
[     D  C/E   D     C   Bm]
I'll see your love will show,
[            C        G/D]
Reading between the lines
[           Bm         C]
And I have seen the signs
[        Am            F]
In your eyes, it may take you
[         D]
  by surprise

[Bb             C]
Anytime soon you'll turn my
[Bb            C]
Anytime now you'll learn to
[       Eb]
It's me   you love
[        F               Ab]
You'll know that I'm the one
[                D7]
  who'll be there  anytime

[G              D/F#]
And baby, it's now, the
[    Em]
  (night/sky) will break
[     Am            Am/G]
I'll wait, I gotta give
[    D   C/E  D   C   Bm]
The sun the time to wake,
[            C          G/D]
And if the night grows long
[            B7       Em]
I will just sing the song
[             Em/Eb]
It will come true, you wait
[      Em/D-Em/C#]
  and see

[C        Am       F]
Anytime, anytime, anytime,
[  D]
[              (ad lib)]
We're gonna be.

((AD LIB:)) [G-D/F#-Em-]
       [Am-Am/G-D, C/E, D, C, Bm]

((Repeat last 3 lines of 1st stanza))
((Repeat REFRAIN))
((Repeat 2nd stanza moving chords 1 fret higher))

[C#       Bbm      F#]
Anytime (any day, any week,
[  Eb]
  any way)
[                  C#]
Oh, I'll make you care (anytime
[   Bbm     F#]
  anyhow, pretty soon
[   Eb]
[             C#]
Somehow, somewhere (anytime
[    Bbm     F#       Eb]
  anytime, anytime, anytime
You'll love just 
[ C#-Ab/C-Bbm-Ebm-Ab7-C#-Eb hold]