by: Fra Lippo Lippi
((INTRO:)) [F---]

Ev'rybody, sit down and listen
Wanna tell you what you've
  been missin'
Secrets, big big secrets
Angel came out of nowhere
Vanished without a warning
Angel, like an angel

[                E]
  And when she moves
[  F#            E]
  The way she glides across
[        Ebm]
    the room,
[                E]
  Just like an angel
[  F#]
  I wish that I could see her
[   Abm          F#]
    one more time

She plays a game o' longing
I've seen the face of
  bigtime living
City, big big city
But ev'rytime I come back
And feel the smell of
  country air
It's heaven, my own heaven,

(Repeat CHORUS)

((Ad Lib:)) [E-F#-Abm-F# pause]
        [First Stanza Chords]

(Repeat CHORUS to fade)