And I Love Her

by: The Beatles
[Em         Bm]
I give her all my love
[Em           Bm]
That's all I do
[Em         Bm]
And if you saw my love
[G              A]
You'd love her too
I love her

[Em           Bm]
She gives me everything
[Em        Bm]
And tenderly
[Em          Bm ]
The kiss my lover brings
[G             A]
She brings to me
And I love her

[Bm          D     Bm          A]
A love like ours, could never die
[Bm         A                 A+D]
As long as I have you near me

[Em             Bm]
Bright are the stars that shine
[Em          Bm]
Dark is the sky
[Em          Bm]
I know this love of mine 
[G          A]
Will never die
And I love her.