by: Boston
((INTRO:)) [G-C-(4x)]

[G        C               G]
Babe, tomorrow's so far away
[        Em]
There's somethin I just have
[     Bm]
  to say,
[         C]
I don't think I could hide
[         G/B]
What I'm feelin inside,
[Am         G           D    Dsus-D]
Another day knowin' I love you

[   G        C]
And I, I'm gettin too close
[   G]
[Em                   Bm]
I don't wanna see it end,
[     C]
If I tell you tonight
[         G/B]
Would you turn out the lights?
[Am       G-           D    Dsus-D]
Walk away  knowin' I love you

[          Em]
I'm gonna take you by surprise
[          C                   D]
[To, And] make you realize, Amanda
[          Em]
I'm ganna tell you right away
[        C                   D]
I can't wait another day, Amanda
[          Em]
I'm gonna say it like a man
[     C                     D]
And make you understand, Amanda
[            C hold]
(oh, girl) I love you.

[G     C                    G]
I, I feel like today's the day
[Em                       Bm]
Lookin' for the words to say,
[        C]
Do you wanna be free?
[         G/B]
Are you ready for me
[Am               G]
To feel this way? I don't wanna
[   D-Dsus-D-Dsus]
  lose ya.
[G       C                G]
So and maybe too soon I know
[     Em]
The feelin' takes so long to
[  Bm]
[     C]
If I tell you today
[         G/B]
Will you turn me away?
[    Am        G]
And let me go,  I don't wanna
[   D-Dsus-D-Dsus]
  lose you.

((AD LIB:)) [E-C-D (2x)]

(Repeat CHORUS except last line)

((INTERLUDE:)) [E-Bm (2x)]

[E             Bm]
You and I, I know that we
  can't wait
[       E]
And I swear, I swear it's not
  alright girl
[   Bm]
Tomorrow may be too late.

[C            D]
You, you and I, girl
[        G      D/F#   Em]
We can share a life together,
[      D      C]
It's now or never
[Bm     Am        G      D/F#]
And tomorrow may be too late,
[ Am  D-]
  oh woh-woh.

[G     C                G]
Ooh, feelin' the way I do
[         Em]
I don't wanna wait my whole
[         Bm]
  life through,
[   Am  G                D]
To say  I'm in love with you.