A White Shade of Pale

by: Procol Harum
((INTRO:)) [C-Em-Am-C-]

[C     Em               Am    C]
We skipped the light fandango
[F   Am                      Dm-F]
Turn cartwheels cross the floor
[G     Dm              Em     G]
I was feeling kind of seasick
[C    Em            Am       C]
The crowd called out for more
[F    Am              Dm   F]
The room was humming harder
[G       Dm           Em-G]
As the ceiling flew away
[C       Em             Am           C]
When we called out for another drink
[F   Am                 Dm]
The waiter brought a tray

 [G        C-Em     Am-C]
 And so it was a lady
 [F      Am            Dm    F]
 As the miller told his tale,
 [G    Dm                     Em    G]
 That her face at first just ghostly
 [       C        F       C     Gsus-G]
 Turned a whiter shade of pale

(Repeat Intro)

[C-Em               Am    C]
He said there is no reason
[F        Am                Dm-F]
And the truth is plain to see
[G      Dm                   Em         G]
That I wandered through my playin' cards
[C      Em         Am-C]
Would not let her be
[F      Am            Dm      F]
One of sixteen vestal virgins
[G         Dm               Em-G]
Who were leaving for the coast
[C   Em          Am           G]
And although my eyes were open
[F         Am               Dm]
They might just as well been closed.

(Repeat Refrain &    Intro)
(Repeat Refrain while fading)