A Song For You

by: The Carpenters

I've been so many places 
[        A]
   in my life and time
I've sung a lot of songs,
[              Bm7]
I've made some bad rhyme
[      Bb                   Am7]
I've acted out my life in stages
[         Gm7              Am7]
With ten thousand people watching
[    Gm7        Am7]
But we're alone
[                  C7sus  F,A7,Dm]
And I'm singing this song to you
I know your image of me 
[      A7]
   is what I hope to be
I treated you unkindly, 
[         Bm7]
   but darling can't you see
[          Bb                     Am7]
There's no one more important to me
[  Gm7                          Am7]
Darlin' can't you please see thru me
[   Gm7        Am7]
'Cause we're alone and I was singing
[       C7sus    F]
This song for you

[       Dm7       A7]
You taught me precious secrets of 
[         F                    Bm7-Bb]
    the truth with holdin' nothing
[                 Am7          F]
You came out in front and I was hiding
[      Dm              A]
But now I'm so much better
[    F                 Bm7]
And if my words don't come together
[   Bb          Am]
Listen to the melody
[               G              C7sus F]
(Cause my love's in there hiding) ohh
[  Dm]
I love you in a place where 
[                 A7]
    there's no space or time
[  F]
I love you for my life, 
[           Bm7]
    you are a friend of mine
[     Bb             Am7]
And when my life is over,
[   Gm7                  Am7]
Remember when we were together
[Gm7      Am7]
We were alone and I was singing 
[         C7sus     F]
    this song to you

(Repeat Refrain)

[ Gm7       Am7]
We were alone and I was singing
[       C7sus    F]
this song for you.